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“Our Growth Was Spectacular”


“We had over 170,000 page views by the 4th month after monetization. We ramped up to $16K / Month in only 4 months. Crazy.”

– coinist.io

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Our SaaS growth e-course is packed to the brim with everything you need to know in order to grow your SaaS company:

Discoverability is the name of the game

1. Link earning (high quality / relevant sites) for SEO.
2. Influencer & expert outreach.
3. Content creation (interviews, round ups, data ++).

A Beautiful Growth Campaign Dashboard: Monitor Your Growth In Real Time.

After signing up for our SaaS growth e-course, we’ll setup your SaaS growth dashboard. Here, we set your SaaS growth benchmarks and you need to work day after day, month after month to hit those benchmarks. We give you clear actionable steps to take and you can monitor the impact in your growth dashboard. This makes monitoring the impact of your SaaS marketing campaign easy. 

Growth Systems That Run In The Background 24 Hours / Day.

We provide you with a huge suite of templates, calendars, spreadsheets, whitelable videos that you can copy and use for your own growth campaign. We’re big believers in the creation and proper management of growth systems. Therefore, we save you weeks worth of work by creating those growth systems for you that you can brand yourself and use for your campaign. 

The WhalePages Growth Stack

Our SaaS growth e-course is packed to the brim with everything you need to experience hyper growth, including:


Rank Higher in Organic Search

Links (SEO)

Obtaining high quality, relevant links to your domain is essential if you want to beat your competition online. The problem is (as most SEO experts agree), is that building a quality backlink profile is both time consuming and hard. At WhalePages we teach you how to design content is designed from the ground up to “earn” links naturally over time.

– Included in our e-course!


Plug Into The Brightest Minds

Expert Interviews

We teach you how to create in-depth interview content with experts in your niche. This helps you align your brand with the leading voices in your space and allows us to create engaging “stories” that are designed to educate and inspire your blog readers. This content can be shared around social media or be embedded into your drip email campaign to deliver value. 

– Included in our e-course!


Create Content That Gets Shared

Influencer Roundups

Influencer roundups are a type of content that allow you to tap into the experiences of thought-leaders in your space to their insights into a solutions to pain points people in your audience have. Roundups are a great way to create social content that your readers will find huge value in. At WhalePages we’re big believers in the concept of “value marketing”. 

– Included in our e-course! 


Earn High Authority Backlinks

Data Focused Content & Visualization

We use interactive data visualization tools and strategies with a heavy focus on interesting and important industry metrics to help create digital assets that drive links and awareness to your website. This type of content (often called link magnets) is often linked to by authoritative blogs as well as journalists within your niche who write for authoritative news sites. 

– Included in our e-course 


Get 10,000 Lines in the Water

Interactive Tools / Calculators

At WhalePages we’ve studied what content performs the best for SaaS companies from a “link earning” standpoint. We’ve seen time and time again that interactive tools and calculators outperform other content types when it comes to gaining new high authority links each month. As part of your growth campaign, we’ll show you how to create these tools.  

– Included in our e-course


Just Follow The Growth Map We Create

Growth  Automation & Content Strategy

At WhalePages we’ve grown many web properties into millions of views. We’ve done this through a well thought out content strategy. We’re not new kids on the block. We’ve been growing our own projects for the last 20 years. We’ve landed main page ranking after main page ranking. For us, SEO comes naturally. We’ll ensure it comes naturally for you too/  

– Included in our e-course 


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