20 SaaS Founders Tell Us Their Best Marketing Strategies & Sales Channels

SaaS Entrepreneurs open up about their best marketing and sales channels.


Written by Simon Alcott: Published Sept 13th, 2019 | Updated Sept 13th, 2019.

Simon Alcott is a growth hacker and the driving force behind WhalePages, a SaaS marketing company. Today he asks SaaS founders what their best marketing strategies and sales channels have been.  


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We Asked 20 SaaS Companies What Their Best Marketing Strategies & Sales Channels Are. Their Answers Are Below.

Over the next couple of days WhalePages will have some very special posts being published on our SaaS marketing blog. We’ve interviewed dozens of SaaS founders and asked them intimate questions about the inner workings of their SaaS companies. Previously, we published a post asking the founders what their least successful marketing channels have been.

Today, we round up the SaaS teams again to ask them the following (opposite) question:

“What Are Your Most Effective Marketing Strategies and Sales Channels?”

1. Sonya Siderova, Founder of Nave | Efficiency Analytics Platform

Nave’s lead-generation trifecta consists of our website, blog, and social media. If I had to choose a channel to double down on, it’d definitely be the blog – our efforts to engage, inform and educate continually turns curious readers into loyal customers.

2. Tobias Knobl, CEO of Mailbutler | Email Platform

In the past we payed magazines and blogs to promote us by writing articles about Mailbutler. This was definitely a learning experience because we realized that smaller, more affordable “niche bloggers” benefited our company more than well known, more expensive magazines and blogs. The lesser known blogs we worked with had very attentive audiences and served their niche perfectly, whereas articles about us that were published on popular blogs seemed to perish quickly. 

3. Mike Myer, CEO of Quiq | Business Messaging Platform

Our top 3 customer acquisition channels have been reps with prior client relationships, SEM, and referrals.

4. Emad From CyberStockroom | Inventory Management Platform

Today our best channels are organic traffic, word of mouth referral, and social media.

5. Simon Chatfield, Founder and CEO of OptimumHQ | Business Solutions Platform

Word-of-mouth and referrals are still a large acquisition channel, along with connections we make via organizations, events, and tradeshows, new business from channel and referral partners, and leads secured from outbound marketing campaigns.

6. Faik From dbBee | Spreadsheet Publishing Platform

Google search (returning our database-related blog articles), WordPress plugins library and Joomla extensions library.

7. Michael Payne From Intervals | Time Tracking & Task Management 

Referrals, SEO, Paid Search. 

8. Kaushal Sutaria From MyEasyISO | Compliance Platform

Referrals from existing clients, google search, global sales partners

9. Jake, CoFounder of Dubsado | Business Management Platform

Word of mouth. Word of mouth. Word of mouth.

10. Casey Sullivan, Founder of Bookafy | Appointment Booking Platform 

1. Resellers – we work with a lot of other software companies that resell our product to their customers under our whitelabel program. We rebrand the entire offering and it is great for us and the reseller.

2. CPC with Google and Capterra.

3. Referrals from other customers.

11. Kyle Racki, CoFounder From Proposify | Sales Platform

Our 3 best customer acquisition channels have been organic search, integration partner referrals, and paid social.

12. Piotr Łapiński, Marketing Manager From Konfeo | Event Registration Platform

Natural web positioning, cold mailings, sponsorship & partnership in educational campaigns

13. Amrish From Pixpa | Portfolio Platform 

Word-of-mouth has been the single biggest driver. Organic traffic driven by SEO has started to show results now. Some of the affiliate partnerships are also showing results. 

14. Richard From HelpSite | Support Center Platform

Word of mouth, Product Hunt, and the footer links in our HelpSite-powered knowledge bases.

15. Team From GlockApps | Email Analytics Platform

The most successful marketing channel was the listing of GlockApps on ProductHunt. It helped us get the initial user traffic to our site. The integration of GlockApps with our email marketing software G-Lock EasyMail7 allowed to on-board new GlockApps users as well.

What we focus on is link building. In our blog posts and articles, we add the links to relevant posts on our site. We had a good experience with guest posts that we published on our blog and on other users’ sites. Guest posts help a lot when it comes to building user traffic.

16. Peter Coppinger, CEO and Co-Founder of Teamwork | Collaboration Platform

Our referral program has been a huge growth lever for us with roughly 15% of our MQL’s coming from it.

17. Team From Fanout | Streaming API Platform

Our most effective marketing has been open source projects, followed by blog posts. Both act as constant drivers of traffic.

18. Team From ReputationStacker | Reputation Management Platform

It took us a few months to figure out a profitable approach to PPC ads. That can be a money hole if you don’t have a very firm grasp on it. It can easily sink your business before you’ve really even started. Once PPC was humming along we started producing great content and sharing it. It’s not the most groundbreaking story, but if you work hard and consistently, care about your work, and talk about it in an interesting way then customers will come.

19. Team at Social Insider | Social Media Automation Platform

The content that works best is data based – we publish a big study each month.

We also do a couple of smaller case studies that focus on specific industries.

These bring in a lot of trials and also get us mentioned/linked from other websites in the industry – it also takes some outreach effort, of course.

20. Jacob McCarthy From Freedom Edits | Photography Editing Platform

WOM/Referrals are our #1 source of new business.



We hope you’ve found this list helpful. If you’d like to learn more about growing your SaaS company, we suggest you head over to our SaaS marketing homepage to learn more.


Written by Simon Alcott: Published Sept 13th, 2019 | Updated Sept 13th, 2019.

Simon Alcott is a growth hacker and the driving force behind WhalePages, a company that grows SaaS websites. So, if you have a SaaS company and you’re kinda into things like website traffic and increasing your MRR, then head over to our SaaS marketing agency homepage to learn more. 



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