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Instagram Bot / Growth SaaS For Sale

Instagram Bot / Growth SaaS For Sale

InstaCaptain is a profitable SAAS business with profit growing each month. It helps people grow their Instagram accounts

Initially the code was bought from code canyon but later on we developed it a lot and changed how it works and connects to Instagram.

Currently we are using android devices to run the automation and connect using the Official Instagram App so we are undetectable. We are Totally unique in our approach and it helps us stand out. A team of 3 full time developers spent 4 months to add this unique mechanism which differentiates us from other bots.

Best suited for people who believe in passive income and would like to take it further through little optimizations and aggressive marketing.

We will also provide you a list of 1 million emails of Shopify business owners to whom you can promote the tool. Since we found out from our internal analysis that over 35% of our clients are using it for business accounts.


  • Current MRR


  • Website traffic (monthly unique visitors)


  • How does your SaaS make money?

    InstaCaptain was launched in October 23
    Total revenue generated till now $2100
    Revenue in the first 30 days $100
    Revenue in last 30 days $700

    Expenses Each Month 45$ for server (We host 2 apps on the same server, so it can be cheaper for you if you have any other server where you want it hosted)
    15$ for ip address (1 proxy ip for 2 paid customer)
    1 server can handle 200 paid accounts
    120$ paid to affiliate monthly (commission)

    Avg life of each customer =2-3 months

    Marketing Cost 0$

    Current customers - around 25-30
    Total signups till now 1500
    Total paid clients ? 75

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  • Monthly Expenses


  • Tell us more about how you drive traffic to your website

    We have created a blog as well for SEO purposes but haven't gone through and created a proper funnel for it, something which can be done to make more money easily.

    Currently the conversion rate is 5% and almost all the customers and leads come from affiliate marketing.

    There are many channels to explore such as social media marketing, SEO, email marketing and optimizations.

  • Why are you selling?

    Selling the business because currently I am investing a lot of my resources in another SAAS product and dropshipping which is already highly profitable.

    Although InstaCaptain is growing in revenue and profit month after month, it's still not where I wanted it to be by now.

  • MRR Range

    $500 - $999 MRR

  • Website Age

    Less than 1 year old

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