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LeadLantern: List Building SaaS For Sale

LeadLantern: List Building SaaS For Sale

This is a complete saas that is up and running in every respect and is 100% self-sufficient. This software has a developer included that maintains the software as well as continually updating and improving. Customer service is also outsourced which you can simply take over. Total monthly cost of hardware + developer + customer service is around $1000 per month. We have several ppc ad campaigns running that are profitable on multiple platforms. These will be included.we also have a 4-month email follow up sequence which is included.we have a self-liquidating funnel that's working for paid ads that's included. We have been performing seo for a number of months now with results starting to show. All social media accounts are included. The project was started with a sale in mind so it is genuinely a hands-free opportunity for investment. we currently have an opt-in email list of around 1000 that's included. We also have real-time data verification ensuring that our data is 100% accurate at the time of use. What is the technological stack? python+django+postgresqlwhich parts of the project are incomplete? Do we have any traffic? Yes. we are averaging around 50 unique visits per day with multiple new sign-ups most days.


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    I have 2 other businesses and a new baby. I don't have time to devote the needed effort to take the project to its full potential.

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    $100 - $499 MRR

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    Less than 1 year old

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