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web browser infrastructure and managed functions project for sale

web browser infrastructure and managed functions project for sale

This service is used by customers to create screenshots and PDF documents from their content. This can include creating PDF invoices and quotes for customers, rendering customer designs into images with transparent backgrounds, and much more. It was built to satisfy true enterprise and professional developer requirements with a stable and scalable product, and so occupy the higher-end of the market. This product is for serious users and should be run by someone who is serious about making an income online.

Don’t worry if any of the terms below are alien to you, you don’t have to know them in depth to turn a profit off-of them!

I built this service by hand as I have had many bad experiences with freelance developer quality. Since I have a day job, other projects, and busy life, I designed this SaaS to require as-close-to-zero maintenance as possible. Automation is beautiful to me. It runs on AWS managed services with redundancies built-in in multiple stages. It has been running on autopilot for 10+ months and still growing organically with zero marketing dollars spent on customer acquisition.

Below are listed some key differentiating features of the service, hopefully the below will make it evident how many hundreds of hours went into building this B2B SaaS. These are not exhaustive feature lists as I would be here all day typing. Please message me if you want any specific info not listed below or want to have any other conversation about this listing.

Don’t forget to check out all the images at the bottom of this listing, they speak a thousand words!

Highlight features for end-users:
- Fully featured customer portal (see images)
- Browsable and exportable API logs
- Two-factor authentication to keep accounts secure
- One-click subscription upgrades, downgrades, and cancelations
- One-click billing re-try if their payment fails due to insufficient funds.
- List and export invoices as PDF documents
- Referral marketing scheme allowing customers to earn account credit by referring new users. (via the “Share & Earn” feature).
- Extensive documentation:

Highlight features of the product:
- Choose between image and PDF document output
- Create thumbnails and resized images automatically
- Custom PDF header and footer support
- PDF size manipulation; choose from presents such as A4, legal, tabloid, letter and so on
- Multi-region operation in London and Frankfurt with the ability to add more regions on customer request
- Static exit nodes so customers can secure their content so that only the cloud browser API can see their data
- Key hot-swap so their old authentication key is still valid while they switch over – meaning zero down time for their app
- API audit logs
- HUGE range of customisability and feature support including ad-blocking and automatic GDPR cookie notice closing (see some more info here
- Status page: showing key operational information and providing automatic email notifications. This feature helps stage the service as enterprise friendly as well as increasing confidence in the service from end-users (self-hosted and almost free:
- Export to Jpeg and PNG (with the option to have a transparent background!)
- Delivery of the rendered image or document by CDN or instantly returned to the requesting software (base64 encoding)

Highlight features for owner / admin:


- See 30 day API usage via a chart
- Recent activity such as account creation, payments (successful and failed), etc
- Average API response time
- Earnings today and all time


- Browse, ban, and delete accounts, re-send activation emails
- View user profiles including audit logs, API usage, current plan, key info account.
- Switch user to new billing plan.
- Ban user.
- Delete account.
- See total billed and paid, total allowance and usage.
- See list of emails sent to user and if they were opened and / or clicked.
- One-click to login as customer and see what they see, perform actions on their behalf.

Billing & Coupons

- Extensive coupon system. Specify % or absolute values off-of subscriptions.
- Limit codes to new, existing, or only specific users.
- Limit the amount of redemptions per code.
- Custom code text (e.g. “WELCOME30OFF”) or automatically generated.
- Tie coupons to specific plans only
- Set coupons to expire
- Mange coupons by removing or editing them
- Custom subscription plans that can be public or private for a given customer
- Monthly or annual cycles
- Set custom usage amounts per subscription plan
- View all invoices and charges


- Overall usage view on dashboard
- API logs across all customers or on customer basis
- URL referrer for customers – help see what sources convert best


- Custom CRON job management panel – create, pause, remove jobs
- View the last run of jobs (such as billing) and manually run by the click of a button if required.


- Create blog posts via the WYSIWYG text editor
- Manage blog posts through the portal


- Inbuilt newsletter facility
- Automatically send reminders to customers to increase conversions
- Extensive logs including send, click, and nag logs
- Email queue system to try and send emails without triggering spam filter rate-limit rules

Stack info:

- The website runs on PHP via an MVC & ORM framework
- Code is Docker-ised where applicable
- Screenshot & PDF tools are written in Javascript and deployed via the Serverless framework
- Billing is performed via Stripe
- Database is MySQL
- Website is running on AWS using managed services where possible to minimise downtime.

I highly suggest you check out the service for yourself! If you do not wish to create an account, please ask me for a demo account.

Included in sale:

- All source code, including Gitlab CI/CD pipelines where applicable
- Domains (,,
- Twitter account
- Stripe account (with all cards and customers to ensure a seamless switch)
- Optional: the production Amazon Web Services (AWS) account with the entire software is already running – so zero setup will be required other than a password change a.k.a a fully turnkey solution

Who would this business be perfect for?

CloudBrowser is suitable for multiple types of people.

Marketing minded entrepreneurs:
The person who wants to take an existing product with market fit, history and a firm technical foundation and pour marketing dollars and effort on top to grow the user base and pump out profit. Any new features can be built by myself or another developer that you may normally work with.

The self-building entrepreneur:
The category I fall in, the builder who enjoys creating projects and has the drive to create a second income stream or become self-employed full time. Take on this service and go beyond a simple one server LMAP stack to use AWS services such as lightsail, route53, S3, and Lambda. Get rewarded for your work with great profits and a cool product you can make your own.

The passive-incomer:
Because of the zero maintenance required on a day-to-day basis this SaaS is great for some one who just wants a side income with little work and input from them. Just answer the odd onboarding email and you’re set. How do I know? In the last 12 months I’ve done little to no work on this due to time constraints and yet the business has continued to grow!

Please do reach out to me via flippa if you have any questions, I look forward to hearing from you!

Other info

The service has 9 Subscribers averaging $24.5 per customer per month ($221 USD per month revenue - profit producing)

Please send me a message for a live walk through of the site and financials or general chat.

As you can from the Google Analytics data, organic search comprises a large part of the inbound traffic which is why the customer base has been continually growing with no ad-spend, imagine what it could do with some SEO and marketing dollars!


Custom technology
Customer databases
Hosting accounts
Social media accounts
Website files, source code and content
Post sale support included


  • Current MRR


  • Website traffic (monthly unique visitors)


  • How does your SaaS make money?

    Currently, all revenue is generated by monthly customer subscription payments. Payments taken via Stripe.

    There is a low churn rate as this is a B2B service and so benefits from the inherent client sticky-ness that brings with it as well as the price insensitivity.

    Enterprise and indie-makers alike want a stable service backed by speedy and professional support which is why CloudBrowser has thrived and kept many of its customers in its ~2 years of operation, despite the fact it is not the cheapest offering available.

  • Post sale support


  • Monthly Expenses


  • Tell us more about how you drive traffic to your website

    No marketing yet

  • Why are you selling?

    It is with great regret that I am selling CloudBrowser. I started this service 2 years ago along with a few others in different verticals. Since then I have significantly less time on my hands and so cannot dedicate the time to each that they deserve. For that reason, I am selling all but one so I can dedicate my limited time to the remaining one. It took a very long time to choose to sell CloudBrowser. I would like to see it flourish and grow even more. Please only buy if you are serious about pouring marketing gasoline on this fire to make it the market dominator it deserves to be.

  • MRR Range

    $100 - $499 MRR

  • Website Age

    1 - 2 years old

  • Monetization Model


  • Number of Users


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