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We strive to make WhalePages as easy as possible for users to understand. However, we know that setting up a SaaS growth campaign isn’t something that most people do every day. For this reason, we’ve created a comprehensive FAQ below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us

How does it work?

WhalePages is an all-in-one growth platform for SaaS companies. We’re more than just a SaaS growth e-course. Think of us like your own personal SaaS growth coach and mentor. Our online course is designed to hold your hand for the next three months as you implement our strategic growth systems into your SaaS company. 

So how does it work? Essentially, we help companies scale their websites by helping them obtain more high quality links, expand their social reach, improve their content marketing efforts, engage their email subscribers and grow their brand. 

We do all of this with the use of “stories”, interactive data focused content, well designed content built around strategically researched keywords, growth automation strategies, paid ads and much more. To learn more about how our approach helps you grow, take a moment and watch this video: 


I'm interested in SEO. What rankings have you landed?
We land main page ranking after main page ranking for the keywords that we actively target.

The logic to rank websites remains the same across different niches. What changes is supply (number of sites competing for that search term) and demand (volume of searches each month).

1. Ranking Product Pages With Strong Searcher Buying Intent

Generally our goal for any project we work on (for ourselves or for clients) will be to rank pages that target our ideal customers. This means we focus on targeting keywords where there is substantial buying intent behind the search.

For example, we recently ranked a site called coinist for countless organic search terms and grew traffic to around 170,000 page views in about 4 months.

There were three main products within this web property, but the SaaS component was a big data software product in the blockchain space. We therefore worked hard to rank for organic searches relating to crypto data. For example we would target terms like “best ICO charts”. We landed main page ranking for this target keyphrase and many other similar phrases (see below):

SaaS SEO ranking proof

One of the other services on the site was a service to help blockchain projects get listed on exchanges. Therefore, we targeted terms like “exchange listing service” and “crypto exchange listing service”. Here you can see we rank #1 for that search term within Google.

SaaS SEO Ranking example

2. Ranking For Long Tail Keywords 

We also spend a lot of time targeting long tail keywords. This is especially important for newer sites who don’t have the Domain Authority (DA) yet to rank for more competitive search terms. For example, we were working on a brand new Learning Management System (LMS) SaaS company so we targeted countless long tail terms like this:
SaaS ranking example

3. Ranking Blog Content

Alternatively, we might focus on ranking blog content (non product pages with low buyer intent). This allows you to build rapport and establish your brand as a leader in your space. You often won’t end up driving a lot of sales through this type of content, but it pays off as a longer term investment in your company.

For example, at WhalePages we published a post recently to target SaaS founders who asked questions online about various topics relating to monthly MRR. For example, we created a post targeting SaaS founders who were curious to know how long it took other SaaS founders to hit certain MRR milestones. Therefore, we created a piece of content entitled “how long to reach $2000 MRR”. It took us less than 2 weeks to rank #1 for this keyword.

SEO for SaaS

This is more than just a basic e-course. How long will it take to get up and running?

Yes, you’re right, we’re not just an online course. We’re an entire growth playbook. This means we provide you with a growth dashboard, all of the necessary spreadsheets, calendars and tools you’ll need to grow. Therefore, it’s not as easy as simply enrolling and watching videos. While watching videos and case studies is part of the learning experience, it’s not the only part. Let me explain. 

Growth Dashboard: Your growth dashboard is an important part of your campaign. Think of your growth dashboard as your command station. We pre-program your dashboard to include benchmarks. These milestones give you objectives to aim for. Since growth can feel complex and messy at times, our growth dashboard helps you zoom out and get simple noise-free view of your growth campaigns success at any given time. Your growth dashboard takes us about 12 hours to setup (if you enroll during regular business hours. If you enroll outside of regular business hours, your dashboard could take 24 hours for us to setup. 

E-Course Access: After we have setup your growth dashboard, you’ll receive your login credentials. At this point you can start making your way through our online course. 

Growth Campaign Completion: The SaaS growth campaign will require ongoing effort. However, the course itself takes about 2-3 months to properly complete. This is because you’ll need to include our systems into your site. These growth systems are one-time labor investments that you can put on autopilot after you’ve setup. However, they do take some time to setup. Our goal with our course is to help you setup and automate one new growth system / week for 3 months. At the end of 3 months, you’ll have 12 new internal growth systems setup. 

Benchmarks: You’ll never feel lost when you go through our course because we layout flexible milestones. We know what needs to get done so we coach you through our virtual e-course so you can complete the tasks. We look at growth almost like we look at “paint by number” projects. We give you the playbook and show you where to paint. You just need to put the brush to the paper. 

Conclusion: Our SaaS growth e-course has a heavy focus on organic growth. We’ve seen countless SaaS projects grow their software projects using strategic content strategies. We ourselves use organic growth strategies for nearly 100% of our own growth. While we do teach paid ad strategies as well, we believe that many SaaS companies are better suited to creative organic growth campaigns. Therefore, our SaaS growth e-course has a bias towards organic strategies. 


What else does the e-course include?

Our SaaS growth e-course includes everything you need to growth your SaaS company. When you enroll in our online course you’re getting much more than just an online course. You’re also getting access to:

1. Growth dashboard with benchmarks / milestones
2. Our content production calendars
3. Content distribution framework / spreadsheet
4. All email outreach templates
5. Whitelable video that you can brand and use as your own for your own “stories” growth program
6. Link building templates
7. Interview / roundup post interview templates (airtable)
8. Content partner page templates
+ much more. 


Do your e-Course only work with SaaS companies?

We’ve used our growth strategy to scale many web properties. However, our course is geared towards SaaS companies because SaaS companies exist in a unique space with unique opportunities. Therefore, our course has been positioned to zero in on these SaaS specific opportunities. 

How does pricing work?

Our pricing model is very easy. Our SaaS growth e-course costs a one-time fee of $599. This gives you access to our e-course and SaaS growth case studies for an unlimited amount of time. We also continuously update our content. Therefore, as we add more content, you’ll get access to more SaaS growth material. 

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