9 SaaS Founders Talk About The Importance Of Their Affiliate & Partner Programs

SaaS Entrepreneurs talk to us about how their affiliate and partner programs fit into their overall growth mix.


Written by Sterling Sweeney: Published Sept 13th, 2019 | Updated Sept 13th, 2019.

Sterling Sweeney is a growth hacker and the driving force behind WhalePages, a digital marketing agency for SaaS companies. Today he asks SaaS founders what role their affiliate and partner programs play in their overall growth mix. 


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We Asked 9 SaaS Entrepreneurs About The Importance Of Their Affiliate Program. Here Is What They Had To Say. 

Over the next couple of days WhalePages will have some very special posts being published on our SaaS marketing blog. We’ve interviewed dozens of SaaS entrepreneurs and asked them intimate questions about the inner workings of their SaaS companies. Previously, we asked them how effective paid ads have been for their growth campaigns.

Today, we bring you the next installment from our expert roundup series. Today, we ask the SaaS founders to answer the following question:

“How important has your affiliate / partner program been to your SaaS company’s growth?”

1. Claude Schneider, Founder of 
SmarterQueue | Social Media Automation Platform

Our referral program is the reason we grew 50% each month in the first year, and still generates over 20% of our traffic, with a lot more of our traffic coming from people searching for our brand after hearing about us from our users. We’re now in the process of launching an official partner program and affiliate program, on top of our referral program, so that anyone can earn money as an affiliate. So far, our best partners have been bloggers who review and write about social media products and strategy.

2. Team at Publit.io | Media Asset Management Platform

It’s becoming more and more valuable some big partnerships are on the way so no real data is available, but we got around 1.000 new users because of an affiliate program.

3. Sonya Siderova, Founder of Nave | Efficiency Analytics Platform

Our partner program is our main sales channel. Naturally, we spend a lot of time and effort on its development and promotion. We partner with agile training institutions, coaching organizations and consultants who run agility initiatives in organizations. It is a win-win relationship for everyone. Nave gains additional exposure through our partner distribution channel, our partners adhere to their commitments with proper tooling as part of their service packages and their clients are better able to implement the theory in practice using our analytical suite. Nave is also a frequent sponsor of large events associated with business agility and we often share our experiences at conferences worldwide.

4. Simon Chatfield, Founder and CEO of OptimumHQ | Business Solutions Platform

We launched our partner program last quarter and it’s been a great success. We expect that to be one of our largest areas of growth in the coming years.

5. Peter Coppinger, CEO and co-founder of Teamwork | Collaboration Platform

Our referral program has been a huge growth lever for us with roughly 15% of our MQL’s coming from it..

6. Kaushal Sutaria From MyEasyISO | Compliance Platform

We have one and we give a lot of importance to our affiliate program. We have more than 20 global sales partners / business affiliates. We expect that in next decade, more than 50% of our revenue will be brought in by our affiliates. 

7. Jake, CoFounder From Dubsado | Business Management Platform

Our affiliate program pays our clients whether they are on trial, paid, on lifetime or whatever. So some customers see their credits build up in Stripe and have never made a payment to us. Others have already made life time payments, so we collect their residuals locally where they select check payouts once they’ve reached their $100 level. We have room to grow this, and that’s one thing we’ve always dreamed of doing as game theory is one of the biggest items on the mind of our design team. We are constantly asking ourselves how we can make running your business, or using software, or… more fun?

8. Casey Sullivan, Founder of Bookafy | Appointment Booking Platform 

We do have an affiliate program… its been hit and miss. We have some affiliates doing really well, and our reseller program is essentially a version of an affiliate and that has been great.  

9. Amrish, Pixpa | Portfolio Platform 

We do have an affiliate program. Our affiliate program has now slowly started to give positive returns. We would be focusing a lot more energy on pushing it forward from hereon.


We hope you’ve found this expert roundup helpful. If you’d like to learn more about growing your SaaS company we suggest you head over to our SaaS marketing homepage. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn about the strategies we use to scale our customer’s websites head over to our SaaS Growth TV channel.


Written by Sterling Sweeney: Published Sept 13th, 2019 | Updated Sept 13th, 2019.

Sterling Sweeney is a growth hacker and the driving force behind WhalePages, a company that grows SaaS websites. So, if you have a SaaS company and you’re kinda into things like website traffic and increasing your MRR, then our SaaS growth boxes are probably for you.



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