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WhalePages · June 1, 2020

Creating The Systems To scale SaaS Projects From Zero to 1 Million ARR.

You will never achieve more than what you aim for 🎯.

In this online course you’ll learn how to set and hit ambitious growth targets. We’ve grown many websites into online properties that gain millions of views on a yearly basis and generate millions in revenue 💸.

We started building and growing websites just under 20 years ago and we’ve kind of become masters at it. Today, you can get access to in-house growth playbook that we use to scale our ARR to $1000, $10,000, $100,0000 and $1,000,000 and beyond! 🌗

Some things you’ll learn: 

🚀 How we used one simple content strategy to gain 10,000 views and $40,800 in ARR our first 30 days on a brand new domain name and without spending any money on paid ads.

📈 Everything you do should revolve around needle moving work. Compounding growth (or growth on top of growth) needs to drive everything you do within your SaaS. Too many SaaS founders find themselves busy while at the same time achieving sub-standard levels of growth. This is the result of poorly designed growth systems. You need to stop working harder and star working smarter. 

🔎 In our course, you’ll learn how to rank for all of your desired keywords in organic search. We rank for almost every single keyword we target. Content plays a HUGE role in virtually every SaaS company we’ve helped grow. Content appreciates in value over time. We teach you how to strategically plan and build up your content inventory today using the content types we’ve had the most success with. 

👨 How to setup Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your VAs. Our course will teach you how to use well designed flow charts so that you can delegate a task once and then move on. Don’t get slowed down by poorly designed delegation systems. 

⚙️ How to automate growth in order to have multiple growth systems running for you in the background 24 hours / day, 7 days / week.

🏃‍♀️ 14 growth systems that we’ve designed to run in parallel. Each of these systems will drive organic (free) traffic to your site each and every day. 

🔗 8 free (or affordable) high impact back-linking strategies designed to improve your SaaS website’s organic ranking in months (not years). 

❄️ Cold email outreach templates that have had up to a 30% positive response rate for us. 

👂 Automated social listening strategies designed to send you a notification anytime someone is asking for SaaS tools in your niche. This same strategy is used to send you notifications anytime someone is having a conversation around at topic you’ve created content around. This system is a huge driver of organic growth for us. 

📖 You’ll also learn how to use stories to naturally “earn” (rather than “build”) links to your website. We use content strategies that are engineered to send link equity from your top of the funnel pages your more valuable commercial pages. 

✍️ You’ll also learn the content framework we use. This will allow you to minimize the content you create while maximizing that content’s impact. Too many SaaS founders get stuck in a content creation hamster wheel, producing huge volumes of content with very little impact. Learn how to drive more traffic with less (but higher impact) content. If done well, content can passively work for you 24 hours / day for years to come.

🔨 We’re a project based growth course. This means our content is less theoretical and more hands on. Every growth module is designed around the creation of a tangible growth system to be implemented into your website at the end of each module. 

🌗 At WhalePages, we’re big believers in the importance of leverage. All of our growth strategies are designed to ensure that the work you to today will impact your growth for years to come. Our course teaches you how to design content / link magnets / digital assets that will appreciate in value over time. We’ll teach you how to build up a strategic inventory of content that will lead to compounding exponential growth. 

We Workshop Growth Side By Side With You

Please remember that we’re product developers first and marketers second. This course is simply the growth playbook we use to launch our own projects. It’s a way for us to plan ahead and organized our days in a quest to hit our ambitious growth targets.

In order to make everything in our course less abstract we decided to launch a brand new project so that we can workshop growth with you side by side. This means that when we’re teaching something you’ll be able to see us apply it to a live project.

This allow you watch us apply our own strategies on a brand new project. This real world reference will help make growth less abstract by helping you see how we create growth milestones.

In the first 30 days this project launched we’ve already hit $12,000 ARR.
Our goal within 90 days is to hit $100,000 ARR. 

If you want to watch us do it…. enroll in the course below. 👇

Working side by side with us allows you to benchmark your own growth along the way.  Let’s do this together 🤝. 

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Estimated Time: 30 Days

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Enroll Today!

SaaS Growth Intro

Pre-Scale: Foundation Building

Stage One Growth Intro

Content Inventory Build Up: Organic Growth Marketing

Cold Email
GIF & Memes

Stage Two Growth Strategy: First Round Awareness

SaaS Backlink Building

Stage 3 Growth Intro: Content Amplification

SaaS Content Distribution

Q&A Sites

Social Listening

Advanced Marketing Automation

Live Growth Experiments


Wrap Up

Course Information

Estimated Time: 30 Days

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