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“Product tour and user walk-through tools can help SaaS companies more efficiently onboard users into their platforms. Today, we’ll round up some of the best tools for the job!”

Written By Sterling Sweeney: Published Feb 21st, 2020 | Updated Feb 21st, 2020.

Sterling Sweeney is a growth hacker and the driving force behind WhalePages, a SaaS marketing agency ⚡. Today, he focuses on talking about the best product walk through tools. 

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“SaaS founders looking for product tour tools might be suprised to find out you can get a digital user walkthrough setup in a matter of a few minutes ⏱️.”

We recently chatted with 23 SaaS founders about how they went about onboarding their first users. This got us thinking about the SaaS onboarding process in general and inspired us to write today’s blog post about the onboarding tools SaaS entrepreneurs have at their disposal to design product tours and walkthroughs.

SaaS founders are often looking for ways to improve UX (User Experience) by designing a UI (User Interface) that is intuitive and familiar. The goal is to design an onboarding experience that will quickly introduce your software features to your users and hook them by making your software product an essential part of their day to day lives. 

However, even the slightest bit of friction or confusion can cause users to abandon your product and look for alternatives that are easier to use. Shortening attention spans put a lot more pressure on SaaS founders to communicate 💬 product features as quickly and efficiently as possible

A good product tour tool can be the difference between activating users and successfully introducing them to your app’s “ah-ha” moments, or having them disengage and churn. Onboarding and user activation optimization can be a huge driver for SaaS growth. 

It should also be mentioned that these tools can also be used in a multitude of ways beyond user onboarding. For example, we’ve seen many SaaS teams use these tools for their app’s lifecycle messaging needs. Lifecycle messaging can allow SaaS founders get the right message, to the the right user at the right time.

Similarly, SaaS entrepreneurs can use many of these tools to capture product feedback and collect quantitative data about the product features their users want the most. This creates a powerful feedback loop and allows SaaS teams to quickly gather on-the-fly feedback to ensure they are working towards great product / market fit.

Below, WhalePages has done some of the heavy lifting for you by compiling some of the best product tour, product feedback, user onboarding and lifecycle messaging tools into one centralized list.

Here we go…

1. Appcues

user onboarding

One of the more popular options in the list, Appcues is designed from the ground up to help SaaS entrepreneurs create the best onboarding experience for their software users. Appcues believes that the onboarding process needs to focus on two main goals. The first goal is to ensure the user gets to their “aha” moment. The “ah-ha” moment is where your users first experience delight while using your product. Secondly, Appcues focuses on helping you guide your users to the “activation” moment. This is the moment when users first experience the benefit of using your product.

2. chameleon

user onboarding and training

Chameleon is a great no-code option for non-technical teams.  Chameleon offers SaaS entrepreneurs features such as tooltips, surveys and product tours. While product tours focus on providing a linear and logical sequence of learning events, tooltips are valuable because they allow you to design a self-serve style of learning into your app. If your users get stuck during any part of your onboarding process, they can simply click on a tooltip to learn about the specific details of a particular feature. Similarly, as we discussed above, surveys act as a great way for you to design feedback loops into your product. We also really like Chameleon because they have many different integrations including integrations with Intercom, Google Analytics, Segment and Mixpanel to name only a few examples.

3. Toonimo

user engagement tour

Toonimo is an interesting product tour option with a focus on humanizing the onboarding experience with a heavy focus on voice walkthroughs. I suggest you head over to their website and give their demo a try. You don’t need to provide an email address or contact a sales rep to get the demo. Just head over to their site and you can experience the product directly on their homepage. Essentially, they provide personalized interactive guidance to users to help simplify the digital adoption process. They use web overlay technology which helps guide users through a pre-designed funnel process.

4. userguiding

product walkthroughs

If you are a non-technical founder, then userguiding could be the best option for you. You can also get started with userguiding for free by simply downloding their Chrome Extension. The thing we love most about this option is that you can get your first product tour up and running within as little as 5 minutes.  This tool can serve many different purposes including: user onboarding, new featuring adoption, in-product messaging, user feedback or for the creation of an interactive help center.

5. Intercom

product tour

The biggest player on our list is responsible for powering the onboarding and user registration experience for many of the apps we’re all familiar with today. Intercom is a giant in this space. You can create really interesting tours to help guide your users through your app. You can even use video as part of the tour process. Another feature I like about Intercom walkthroughs is that you can force people to take an action within your app and not just need to click “next”. The reason this is important is that it not only teaches them about your app in a theoretical way, but forces them to USE your SaaS product. You can also embed Gifs, pointers, emojis and much more. From a design flexibility standpoint, Intercom is a great option.

6. pendo

in app walk through

Pendo is another easy to use product tour option that doesn’t require developer resources. They offer a lot of the base set of features the other products offer within this list, but they also offer other tools which integrate with their product tour tool. For instance they also offer an insights and analytics tool which allows SaaS founders to monitor how users engage with their app, a sentiment tool which monitors how users feel while they are using the app, and a feedback tool to help SaaS teams figure out what software features their users want.

7. Nickelled

product tutorials

This is a browser based guide creation tool that will allow you to capture your processes as you run through them. With Nickelled you also get feedback and insights into how your users are interacting with your guided tours. You’ll be able to monitor your guided tour views, completion rates and satisfaction scores. 

8. WalkMe

guide users through process

WalkMe is a digital adoption platform that offers guided digital product tours. Their goal is to help you create “stickyness” and reduce churn rates. Their software is designed to help you create quick and smooth onboarding experience in the most uncluttered way possible.

9. WhatFix

digital adoption

A tool to help you deliver personalized journeys and interactive product tours. WhatFix’s goal to help you ensure your software users gain a high level of application proficiency in the shortest amount of time possible.

10. Upscope

screensharing onboarding

Upscope is quite different than a lot of the other digital product tours we’ve showcased within this list so far. Upscope is essentially co-browsing software that allows you to communicate with your users in real time. Essentially, it allows you to see what your customer sees in real time. We’ve all been in situation where we’ve been on chat or phone support and we’ve been trying to describe what we see on our screen to the person trying to help us. At best, they are usually painting a half-correct image in their head about the problem we’re facing. Upscope is designed to help solve that problem. Agent’s can easily see what the user is seeing on their screen and guide them towards a solution quickly.

11. userpilot

product experience

Userpilot is a beautifully designed virtual tour technology that gives users a personalized product experience. The tech blends seamlessly with your existing UI. This tool allows you to onboard new users at scale while improving adoption along the user journey.

12. Userlane

understand software tour

Userlane is a user onboarding and employee training solution designed to simplify the onboarding process, increase trial to paid conversions, increase user engagement and improve overall product adoption.

🚀 SaaS Growth

I’ve heard some people argue that SaaS onboarding tours are a sign that your software’s UI isn’t good enough. They argue putting more UI on top of UI is a sign your initial UI needs to be re-examined. Others argue that some apps are just too complex or feature rich to expect users to figure out on their own. Others argue that shortened attention spans means that even the easiest to use SaaS products should come with digital guided tours to help fight back against a user’s natural tendency towards learning laziness.

We believe that any type of technology, tool or educational experience that can help someone more deeply enjoy their digital experience is a tool worth exploring. There is no one-size-fits all solution here, so we hope the comprehensive list above helps you find the tool that fits your SaaS the best.

If you’ve enjoyed this article and you’re kind of into things like traffic and sales growth, head over to our main page to learn how our SaaS marketing agency can help you skyrocket 🌕 awareness about your SaaS.

Written By Sterling Sweeney: Published Feb 21st, 2020 | Updated Feb 21st, 2020.

Sterling Sweeney is a growth hacker and the driving force behind WhalePages, a SaaS marketing agency So, if you have a SaaS company and you’re kinda into things like website traffic and increasing your MRR, then be sure to check out our homepage. 

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