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You simply switch on growth and we do the rest. Your SaaS content will be designed to rank high in organic search, earn backlinks and perform well on social channels. 


“Our Growth Was Spectacular”


“We had over 170,000 page views by the 4th month after monetization. We ramped up to $16K / Month in only 4 months. Crazy.”

– coinist.io

Just Click And We Produce Great Content.

We’ve grown countless web properties using our in-house growth stack. We use many different types of strategic content to grow including:

1. Expert / influencer interviews & round up posts.
2. Tools & calculators.
3. Data & statistics posts + Much more.

Monitor Our Monthly Content KPIs. Watch Traffic Grow.

Good content always has a positive impact on SaaS growth. Our real time SaaS content marketing dashboard allows you to monitor the impact that content is having on your SaaS company’s growth. Monitor the progression of your content inventory, new links earned, MoM (Month over Month) traffic growth, and your increase in organic ranking for your desired keywords.  

Content Marketing Growth Stack that Works 24 Hours / Day.

Our SaaS content marketing agency designs content that appreciates in value over time and continues to work for you 24 hours / day. We believe in content marketing so strongly that it’s the ONLY form of marketing we use here at our own agency. Content marketing has been responsible for 100% of our own growth. If you’re reading this, it’s because you found us through an organic channel.

WhalePages Content Marketing Growth Stack

We take a very specific approach to SaaS content marketing. Different content types are designed for different purposes. We will help with your entire content marketing strategy. Below you will find an introduction to some of the content types we’ll produce for your SaaS company.


Rank Higher in Organic Search

Links (SEO)

Every piece of content we write is designed to earn links naturally over time. The content is written with the intention to show up high in organic search or help more valuable commercial pages rank higher in organic search by funneling earned link equity to those pages. Google will love your SaaS website’s natural backlink profile.

– We do this for you!


Plug Into The Brightest Minds

Expert Interviews

We prioritize interviews as an early form of content for most SaaS companies. Interviews with influencers help you kick-start growth and gain backlinks quickly. These interviews also help give you high value content to share on social media channels and within your email marketing newsletters. Expert interviews also help you strengthen your own brand. 

– We do this for you! 


Create Content That Gets Shared

Influencer Roundups

Influencer roundups are a great content type to prioritize early in a SaaS company’s content marketing campaign. Roundups allow you to provide great value to your audience by plugging into the brightest minds in your niche. Because this content type is “social”, it tends to perform well as a link magnet, which helps boost the ranking of your entire web property. 

– We do this for you!  


Earn High Authority Backlinks

Data Focused Content & Visualization

Data as a content type performs exceptionally well as a link magnet. Our goal will be to produce content around important data and statistics in your niche that will be attractive to large news sites and journalists. high quality backlinks from authoritative news sites and blogs is a great way to improve your SaaS’s organic ranking in Google.  

– We do this for you!  


Focus on Value Marketing

Interactive Tools & Calculators

At WhalePages, we believe in “value marketing”. The more value we can provide your audience, through the content we produce for you, the better. We’ve found tools and calculators are a great way to create interactive content that your users will love. This content is easily shareable and helps dramatically boost performance in organic search. 

– We do this for you! 


Just Follow The Growth Map We Create

Content Distribution & Automation

We not only produce content for you, but we also help you distribute that content. We setup social media and email marketing automation tools to help ensure your content is always being distributed to your target audience. If content is king, distribution is queen.  We setup a detailed distribution plan designed around website traffic generation. 

– We do this for you! 


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SaaS content marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us help you kick-start growth through our strategic content marketing plans. 

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