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Below, you will find our real-time SaaS MRR calculator. You can use this calculator to estimate future MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) or ARR (Annual Run Rate). You can also modify churn and YoY growth rates to see what impact these modifiers have on your bottom line revenue. Simply scroll down to start using our MRR calculator. 👇

What is MRR?

MRR Stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue and it’s a common KPI (or Key Performance indicator) that SaaS companies use to help them keep a finger on the pulse of their company’s health at any given time. Along with ARR, it’s one of the most important measurable values that SaaS founders consider when making business decisions. If you want to learn more about what MRR is, we suggest you read this post

How to Calculate MRR: The Equation

On the surface, the calculation for MRR may seem easy. You simply take the number of active paying SaaS subscribers and then multiply that number by your Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

paying subscribers x ARPU

However, things get more complex if we need to start forecasting MRR. This is because we’ll need to factor in other metrics, such as growth rate and churn, in order to come up with a accurate forecast. The calculator above, will do all of these behind the scenes calculations for you.

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This MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) calculator will allow you to see what impact MRR growth will have on your SaaS company’s success. 

You’ll be able to see what impact accelerated growth, better monetization and improvements in churn, will have on your ARR (Annual Run Rate)

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