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Explosive Organic Growth.

SaaS founders have told us time and time again that SEO is their primary growth lever. With WhalePages, we land main page ranking after main page ranking. You simply switch on growth and we do the rest.


“Our Growth Was Spectacular”


“We had over 170,000 page views by the 4th month after monetization. We ramped up to $16K / Month in only 4 months. Crazy.”

– coinist.io

SaaS SEO As Easy As The Click Of A Button.

Content marketing and SEO are two pieces of the same puzzle. We use the following types of content to help boost your SaaS company’s position in organic search: 

1. Influener and expert roundup posts. 
2. Interactive calculators and tools.
3. Industry data and statistics content + much more.

Monitor Your Organic Ranking Change in Real Time.

Our North Star Metric (NSM) is your company’s organic ranking in Google. We monitor the ranking position of your site in organic search in real time. Keep a finger on the pulse of your MoM (Month over Month) growth and watch your SaaS company’s website traffic increase in your custom SaaS SEO growth dashboard.  

Our SaaS SEO Efforts Will Work For You For Years To Come.

High quality content is a digital asset that appreciates in value over time. This is why, for many SaaS companies, their SEO efforts are their biggest drivers of growth. This is because costs don’t increase as your SEO campaign gets bigger in size. The content we produce for you this month will continue to work for you every day, for years to come.  

WhalePages SEO Growth Stack

Obtaining a high ranking in organic search isn’t difficult. It does however, require careful planning, content prioritization and time. Below, you will find some of the more popular types of content we produce for SaaS companies.


Rank Higher in Organic Search

Links (SEO)

At WhalePages, we believe in the power of “link earning“. High quality content designed to best satisfy a web searcher’s query will be naturally rewarded with backlinks and a subsequent high ranking. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into creating content that is engineered to earn links for you consistently month after month. 

– We do this for you!


Plug Into The Brightest Minds

Influencer Interviews

We interview non-competing thought-leaders in your niche to help align your SaaS company’s brand with the brightest minds in your industry (See example). This content is designed to naturally earn links and give you content to share on your social media channels. Because this content type is social in nature, it tends to get shared and liked on social media channels.

– We do this for you! 


Create Content That Gets Shared

Expert Roundups

Expert roundups are designed as a social content type (see example). This type of content draws on the expertise of thought-leaders in your niche around one particular question. This content provides value by allowing your audience to plug in to the knowledge of a wide range of experts who have experience around a topic of interest to your audience.

– We do this for you!  


Earn High Authority Backlinks

Data Focused Content & Visualization

We plan data and statistic focused content for your blog with the desire to attract high quality links from high authority news sites and bloggers. This type of content can be used as SEO “pillar content”. Essentially, the link equity this type of content earns can be funneled to more valuable commercial landing pages on your SaaS company’s website.  

– We do this for you!  


Get Interactive

Interactive Tools & Calculators

Value marketing is a form of advertising that doesn’t feel like advertising. We produce tools and calculators (see example) for you to embed on your website which are designed to provide huge amounts of value to your audience. This type of content can easily be shared on social channels and tends to perform really well from a backlink standpoint.

– We do this for you! 


Just Follow The Growth Map We Create

Content Distribution & Automation

It’s not enough to create high-end content. In order to perform well, your content needs to be properly distributed. At WhalePages, we’ll setup your content distribution and automation systems which will allow you to streamline the process of getting your content in front of relevant audiences. We post on Facebook, IG, Twitter, Pinterest and many others. 

– We do this for you! 


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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not as difficult as some would make it out to be. Step inside and see for yourself. 

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