SaaS Valuation: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about selling your SaaS company, you likely have a few questions about how the process usually works. The truth is, that the process of selling your SaaS company is probably a lot easier and less time consuming than you think. 

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions we get here at WhalePages. Once you fill out the form above, we can take a look over your SaaS project and then schedule a call with you, where you’ll get the chance to get any questions you have answered by someone on our team.

Do you buy pre-revenue SaaS companies?

Yes. We’re open to buying SaaS companies that are at different MRR / ARR levels (including pre-rev companies). If it’s not a good fit for us, we might be able to find someone else who your SaaS is a better fit for. For example, we also run a SaaS acquisition marketplace for founders looking to sell their SaaS projects (you can list your project on our marketplace for free). 

Do founders stay on board? Leave? What happens to the founders and team? 

We’re open and flexible on this one. Generally, SaaS founders want to make a full exit if they’ve made the decision to sell their project. That said, we’re open to creative partnerships as well. The same goes for the team that’s currently working on the project. We’re flexible on this as well. 

How Do you value my SaaS?

There are so many factors that go into SaaS valuation that it’s impossible to give an exact buying price using the SaaS valuation calculator above. Essentially, we need to look under the hood first. 

Generally speaking, the more defendable assets you own, the longer you’ve been in business, the more predictable your revenue stream is, the faster your growth rate has been, the stronger your tech value is, the better your team is, and the stronger your sector is, the higher your valuation will tend to be.

If your SaaS is under 1 or 2 years old the valuation will tend to be lower. Industry growth trends and the competition within your niche will also impact valuation. The best thing to do, is to fill out the form above and we’ll be able to take a closer look to give you a more precise valuation. 

How long does it take you to close? 

We like to move quickly. Generally speaking, we can close a deal within 7 – 30 days. The entire process is generally enjoyable and painless for both sides. We’re friendly and easy to deal with people. It’s just important that the hand-off is a smooth as possible, and therefore it’s important that we have everything we need to take control of the project and push it forward on the best path possible. 


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This calculator will allow you to get an immediate valuation for your SaaS company. Just enter your SaaS details, and then look below for your valuation range. 

Please keep in mind these numbers are ballpark ranges based on our experience and the research we’ve done in this space. 

Want To Sell Your SaaS 💵?

If you’re looking to sell your SaaS company, we might be interested in buying it. If not us, we have network of investors 💵 we work with who also might be interested. You can list your SaaS company for sale (for free) over on our SaaS acquisitions marketplace. 


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