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Content marketing is a powerful growth lever. However, it’s also incredibly time consuming. With WhalePages, you simply switch on growth and we get to work developing high-end content designed to drive traffic to your website.


“Our Growth Was Spectacular”


“We had over 170,000 page views by the 4th month after monetization. We ramped up to $16K / Month in only 4 months. Crazy.”

– coinist.io

Just Click . Content Has Never Been This Easy.

At WhalePages we take a very particular approach to content marketing. We produce content that is engineered to earn links and push your site up higher in organic search. Our content includes: 

1. Expert / influencer interviews & round up posts.
2. Tools & calculators.
3. Data & statistics posts + Much more.

Monitor The Impact Of Our Content Marketing Efforts.

At WhalePages, our SaaS writers produce content designed from the ground up to move your website traffic needle. The goal isn’t to create content for content’s sake. Instead, the goal is to create content that will show up high in organic search and drive qualified website visitors to your SaaS company’s website.

Our SaaS Writers Create Content That Works For You 24/7.

At WhalePages we believe that content is equivalent to modern day alchemy. However, instead of turning base metals into gold, we’re turning words into increases in MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). Content is a digital asset that appreciates in value over time and will continue working for you for years to come. . 

Our SaaS Writers Content Stack

At WhalePages, our SaaS content writers will produce many different types of content for you. Some of our most popular types of content can be found below.


Rank Higher in Organic Search

Links (SEO)

The content our SaaS writer produces for you will be designed to naturally earn links. All of our content will deliver huge amounts of value to your audience. This type of content naturally earns links over time and will continue to do so month after month. This link equity can then be passed to more valuable commercial pages on your site.     

– We do this for you!


Plug Into The Brightest Minds

Expert Interviews

One of the first content types we produce for you will be in the form of expert interviews. We will plug into the expertise of some of the brightest minds in your niche to delivery exceptional value to your audience. This allows you to build up your own brand and earn links, but it also gives you great content which you can share and re-purpose on social media.  

– We do this for you! 


Create Content That Gets Shared

Influencer Roundups

Influencer roundups are a lot like interviews, but they are generally focused around one central question and focus on the opinions and experiences of a wider set of experts. this content type tends to perform well from a backlink earning standpoint and this content also tends to be a popular content type on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. 

– We do this for you!  


Earn High Authority Backlinks

Data Focused Content & Visualization

Our SaaS writers focus heavily on creating content around important industry stats and metrics. By producing high-end data content, we’re inviting authoritative news sites and bloggers to reference our data. This helps you naturally earn links to your SaaS. You can then funnel the earned link equity to your more valuable commercial pages. 

– We do this for you!  


Interactive Content

Interactive Tools & Calculators

At WhalePages we believe that content should be designed around your readers’ needs. Content marketing is a form of value marketing. We create tools and calculators that your audience will love. Again, this type of content naturally drives organic traffic to your website and earns links easily due to the helpful and valuable nature of the content. 

– We do this for you! 


Just Follow The Growth Map We Create

Content Distribution & Automation

Our goal is to produce a substantial volume of content for your SaaS company’s website. However, content inventory alone doesn’t lead to growth. If content is king, then distribution is queen. At WhalePages, we setup your content distribution and automation plan. We distribute your content on popular social media channels and social bookmarking sites. 

– We do this for you! 


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